Starting Out

So, I thought I would start this blog with the reality of it. This is the workspace - wrecked, as it normally is. I am severely janitorially challenged. But, this has to change for a few reasons.

#1 I just put in my notice at work, because I cannot bear to serve another person a scrap of food or drop of liquor.
#2 I do not have another job, only the Etsy site - which I've only sold two pieces from.
#3 In two very short weeks strangers will be walking through this place on Open Studio Sunday

The Big Clean.

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Amy said...

Good for you for leaving the restaurant industry!!! I can't wait to do so myself, too. Especially, here in Vegas where people are so.... UGH. Won't go into that. Good luck with your art, I've only just found your etsy page, but the work is simply amazing and I have no doubt you will do well.