Too much/Not enough

I got into this little debate last night with my partner. He thinks that I go overboard on the packaging for my jewelry. But I think that the packaging is almost as important as the work itself.

Maybe I am more interested in sculpture and installation than jewelry. I'm always trying to find ways to let the jewelry exist as much off the body as on.

I make these altered tart tins to go with the rings, and these little stands to go with the earrings

Then there is this (which started the debate).

A customer bought this necklace - which I coveted a bit too long and really didn't want to see go.

I liked letting the piece cascade into the cup of my hand. It would create this beautiful flower form.

So, when it came time to mail it off, I instead took three extra days to make this

it is a chrome plated brass soap box from an old travel grooming kit. I chased and repoussed the top to create a bowl for the necklace to rest in. Then I sandblasted it, polished the edges, and finished the inside with some vintage upholstery fabric.

o.k. -so, he might have a point with going overboard. People may just want a piece of jewelry - not some big to do. Why do I spend the extra time? Maybe it has something to do with insecurity - that the work itself isn't good enough. Or maybe, just making jewelry doesn't seem like enough.
Or maybe, I'm just analyzing it a little too much.


Anonymous said...

nates a nut, just joking. the packaging looks beautiful :)


Cheryl said...

Hi Julie,

I recently bought a pair of your Blossom Branches on Etsy. As an artist myself (designer/illustrator), and as one of your customers, I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the unique ways in which you package your jewelry. It's clear that you put a lot of thought into showcasing your beautiful creations; using equally stunning packaging displays. That kind of attention to detail and presentation sets you apart, and it makes you more than just a jewelry-maker; it makes you a true artist. :)

~Cheryl (CheriBerry)

Amy said...

I second what Cheryl said. It's all in the details. And though when you are selling several of your products you gotta be conscious of your time management, extra trinkets are greatly appreciated. I think the people that buy your jewelry buy because it's already more than just jewelry.

Oh and yay Savannah, I miss it dearly (moved out of there two months ago and now living in not-charming-at-all Las Vegas)!

Anonymous said...

the containers and packages offer some kind of extension of the piece and your connection to it -- additionally, they are kick ass! they are small installations that house and offer a bit of psychic proctection from the big bad commercial world --- hmmm?
you never skimp, that's for sure!

jacqueline vaughan/diorgrace said...

i personally would be so thrilled to get a stunning handmade object to place my brand new jewelry in-think about, when you go to the store-a fancy boutique-gap or whatever, and they give you a beautiful bag to put your items in, it's like that's the awesome reason we get rewarded with, for shopping in that place-and it makes it soo much more pleasable to open something that is so beautiful-if the packaging is so beautiful imagine what i actually ordered!!! i just recieved some things from onetribe on etsy, and the items came in this beautifully made banana bark gift box-it was soo exciting to open up something so beautiful before i even got to my stuff i ordered-which was also fabulous!! so whatever makes you happy and satisfied is part of you and your wonderful creations!

Anonymous said...

I understand that the extra time taken seems unnecessary when you know that someone already wants to purchase your piece. This 'dish' is absolutley beautiful, and I am quite sure that someone will apprecaite the extra time you took to spend.

Perhalps if you used the wonderful packaging to also market your pieces, show them off on the beautiful stands that you create. The fact that they are extra little touches that you add on as a surprise are wonderful and amazing, but give yourself credit when selling your pieces. Let people know how wonderfully they come packaged.

I am in awe of your talent and desire to make your pieces even more beautiful.

Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

Think it is wonderful, the packaging that you do... shows what a piece of art your jewelry really is.

Minmade said...

My husband gave me the blossom earrings for my birthday. I was so happy to get the earrings but also really happy about the packaging since he almost never wraps gifts for me. I think it a plus for friends and partners who are wrapping-challenged to have gifts already packaged in a cute gift box. I love the stand too!

Corey said...

I love your packaging--it makes me want your work all the more, just for the experience of it! I say don't change!!


this is so beautiful!

Georgia said...

Please don't feel any insecurity about your work, I love what I've seen so far. I came across your jewelry on Etsy and look forward to purchasing something. I love your packaging ideas. I pick and choose my jewelry very carefully and love wearing each piece. I've been thinking lately of how to better display them when I'm not wearing them since they are artwork in my eyes. So when I came across this blog entry I was touched that you care so much about the display of your work. Jewelry is art and art should be displayed not just when being worn. It shouldn't be in a box hidden away. Please continue to marry jewelry with display/installation work.

Julia said...

I'm so happy I followed you over from Etsy! I love your work and your packaging is exceptional. Lovely, lovely, lovely...I'm really fawning. Your special talent is appreciated.

Jane C said...

Your jewelry is art. I love the packaging.

In a day and age when packaging is just thrown out, you take and make it art. Something unique. A small treasure in itself.