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Quite a while ago, I was tagged by Lynette Andreasen to list five random things about myself. I put off responding, because I never know how to do this sort of thing without sounding rehearsed or pretentious - I would be terrible at writing a singles' ad for myself.

Anyway, five random things about me.......

#1 This is my favorite cup.

#2 I am suspicious of highly motivated people.

#3 I am a high school drop-out.

#4 I live in my workspace. Actually, I live in a shared workspace with my partner, a dog and a cat. I have always romanticized the idea of live/work spaces. While they might be ideal for a painter, they can be problematic for any sort of metal or woodwork. It does force a person to work often, though. I like to refer to home as "the garage."

#5 I'm really into TED talks right now... some of my favorites so far are Phillippe Starck, Larry Lessig, Alan Russell, and - you have to see this one by Rives.

I'm supposed to tag 5 other people, but since I'm doing this a few months late, I'm going to have to look around to make sure I'm not tagging someone that already has been......

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Corey said...

I too am highly suspicious of motivated people. ;-)