Getting Sharper

Well, I'm here in Oregon, and I certainly do not miss these rainy, gray skies. As I was telling you about in this post, I flew out here to make - of all things - a knife.
I just wanted to check in with a few initial progress shots.

This was the process to make a template for the knife.....

Getting the design figured out

Transferring to a template material

Rough cut on the bandsaw

Finishing on a belt grinder

Template finished.

Ok, so these steps weren't incredibly exciting... for me to do or for you to look at. I'll try to get some action shots for the next post!


Lynette said...

Thats great! I think it is in these projects that are out of your element that you learn the most. Thats always the way it is with me. I cant wait to see it done!

Steph said...

Wowww Julie, thanks for sharing!

AM said...

Julie... just looked at your work. Facinating. Pat and I enjoyed visiting with you on the train headed for Portland. Good luck in your endeavors...
Anna Marie from Salem