Getting Sharper - Part 3

Sorry about taking so long with the last knife post. I'm back - well, I've been back for about a week. I had to hit the ground running with orders that were placed while I was away. This was pretty tough considering my flight craziness.... not only did a freak tornado hit downtown Atlanta the day I flew out to Oregon (grounding flights for most of the day), but on my return Delta canceled a slew of flights for some sort of rewiring. Of course, my luggage got lost, too. Up until this last trip, I really loved being in airports... I'm over that now.

The flights weren't the only delay.....
The knife isn't done. The steel needed to be heat treated, but my dad's kiln went bizerk. So, here's the knife, mostly finished, awaiting heat treat and handle material.

I couldn't settle for a plain knife, so we came up with this stepped guard idea. I think it turned out nice - a little art deco, maybe? You can also see the patterning of the damascus - made by forging two types of stainless together.
My trip there went by so quickly, and I wish that I could have taken the time to see old friends. But, now I have an excuse to get back there soon to finish this up.

Oh, I also worked on a little surprise project. I just had to take the opportunity to use the lathe to make some rings! More on that later.


kait said...

That damascus patterning is beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished knife. (I'm kind of jealous of that time with a lathe;) )

santicotarelojoyas said...

que gusto trabajar el acero damasquinado, ojala en esta vida tenga la oportunidad....nice work