On the Move

I have moved a lot in my adult life..... often for no good reason but restlessness. I've moved to places sight unseen, hoping to unwrap a place like a present. As you can imagine, this often backfires. That's fine. I've found that I realize what I want or where I want to be by figuring out what I definitely don't want. The South just wasn't my cup of tea, neither was southern California. The Pacific Northwest was uber-hip and a lot of fun, but I couldn't keep up anymore... plus the rain made me want to hide in a corner. I grew up in the Midwest, but got out of there just in time to not end up in jail or as a meth head with a dozen kids. I never pulled the Uhaul into the Northeast - it just seems like a "nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there" kind of place (I could be very wrong about this one, but I've run out of the energy to disprove it).

But, one place has stood out against all the others. It's the only place that ever felt like home.

Anyway, I'm going to stop typing now - before my latent hippie side comes out. I'm working on an inventory of my most popular items, but will cut off any custom orders by the 12th. I should be back up and rolling by the second week of September. I rented a great place on 5 acres - it's a full living unit above a workspace.... there's a creek and a barn and 220 wiring in the workshop..... dreamy.


squirtygirl said...

Wow! Are we twins separated at birth? Not that we look alike at all other than dark hair but we share that gene that causes you to just pick up your life and move randomly...perhaps yours isn't random but mine seems to be.

Anyway, I am alisons79 from Etsy and I love your work! I love the detail in the jewelry itself and also the beautiful displays that you provide as well. Let your partner know that I'm on your side on that one! :)

Good luck to you please let me know when you have new creations! Good luck with this next move!

Ashley said...

I love the illustration. It is really neat to see all the places you have lived. I'm the opposite, a stay in one place kinda gal.