Sevruga Rings.... and a note on blogging

These stainless steel Sevruga Rings are now in my shops (here and here). They are constructed similar to my Nonpareil and Dragée rings, but since they are stainless instead of silver, I'm able to offer them at a more widely affordable price.

As for the huge gaps in my blog..... what can I say.... It's the same reason I was never able to keep a diary. I read something that I previously wrote and just think - ugh, why did I write that... what was I thinking.... that sounds pretentious... yada yada. I also think since my move so many things have changed that I'm not sure where my blog bearings are.

Publicly posting your business for others to snoop around in is a bit bizarre. Don't get me wrong, I love snooping around blogs myself. But, I draw the line at the blog - Twitter, Myspace and Facebook pretty much freak me out.

Since it does seem that posting here keeps me much more rooted in my work, I am going to try harder. Plus, I really hate it when I regularly check someone's blog and there are no updates.


Mergirl said...

These are gorgeous! ...and btw...sometimes I get freaked aou about all of the social media too!!!!

kait said...

I think there are a lot of us that never stop feeling self-conscious about blogging. As a reader, I just love watching people's work come into being. Wonderful work doesn't always need a lot of words. I'm just happy to see whatever you want to share.

p.s. If folks are using a feed reader like bloglines they know when you've updated, so they'll come back no matter how long it's been.

Margaux Lange said...

Well lady, I have to say, I had stopped checking your blog b/c the postings were so infrequent! Until today… glad to see a new post ;-)

I think the whole point of a blog is that it grows as you grow. I cringe at past entries too but so what? It gets you to where you are currently. And you are your worst critic anyway.

By the way, the caviar ring that Dave (my boyfriend) bought me continues to be my all-time favorite. I wear it everyday and get compliments all the time.


dandelion blu said...

Glad to see you're back!!! And I love the new rings!

Mary said...
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