One must have a mind of winter.

The first snow fell on Taos a few nights ago. They were massive snowflakes, and driving through it made me feel like I was on the Enterprise at warp speed. Then, I woke up the next morning to the sugar coated mountains. Even with all the beauty that the season brings to Taos, I usually have a sense of dread about the impending weight of winter. But, to my surprise, not this time. Even though finances continue to be a struggle as I insist on maintaining my self-employment status, I think I may have the ball rolling in so many different directions that the future is going to catch me in a net of semi-security, and I'm speaking much more far-reaching than just the greenbacks. That's serious progress.
One thing that I think has enabled this is my submission to my ADD mind. Can't focus on one thing? OK, then do more than one thing.

Above is the new Dragee Ring. I used to make these out of silver but finally figured out how to do them in stainless... which is really my material of choice. They are so much stronger than the silver ones, and the finish is so incredibly reflective; they almost look like liquid metal.

I also finished the knife that I started over 3 years ago.....if this knife could talk. It has the deceptive appearance of simplicity, which is an influence of my father's design sensibilities and a trademark of his work. In reality, there are aspects of this knife, mostly the stair-step hilt, that other knifemakers haven't attempted. It is an integral design, which means that all the steel has been machined from one solid piece.... the blade, hilt and tang are all the same piece of damasteel. We did a slight etch only on the blade to bring out the twist damascus pattern. The handle is ancient hippo ivory and the screws were handmade from 14k gold. I'm taking it to a knife show in San Diego at the end of this month. Progress posts of the knife are here... 1, 2, 3, 4.
Also, the large welding projects continue. This is a progress shot of just one of the sections of a 30' x 4' steel deck that I've been building. Since this shot was taken, the pieces have been hoisted 20+ feet into the air and attached to the house. I'll post more pics when it nears completion.

More projects to follow in the next post... whenever that may be.


Niccoló Pagliari said...

I think I follow you!!
if you want look my sketches! Nick


Taos Sunflower said...

Julie...where's the knife show going to be held? I'll be in San Diego then. If you have any time to visit, let me know.